Downloading / Installing Virtual Strip Poker Ultra

Installing The Game Engine

A free demo of the latest version of VSP-Poker Ultra may be downloaded here:
try-vsp.exe. When you click this link, it will download into the Windows Download folder.  It is a fairly large program and may take a few minutes to download.  Once it has finished downloading, click on the file "try-vsp.exe" to install the game demo.  If a "Windows protected your PC" message pops up, click the "More info" at the bottom of the message and then the "Run anyway" Button to install the game.



We recommend that you let the program install into the default folder:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Vsp-poker3\

Starting the Game

Once the game has been installed, you may activate it by going to the Windows START Button and looking for "VSP-Poker Ultra DEMO" or you may activate the shortcut for the game that appears on the Windows Desktop.

Look for the icon that appears as some cards with the letters "VSP" in red underneath and the word "Poker". Double-click on that icon to start the game.

Use this KEY to register the DEMO Game Engine: KRG-XU4H-TW2B-P34R

The game will run in DEMO mode until you fully register the Game Engine and Opponents . You may fully register the Game Engine by ordering the game.

Installing Additional Opponents

Additional Opponents are available for download from the Online Store.

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