VSP-Poker Classic Collection

  *** Celebrating 21 Years of VSP-Poker ***

We are giving away VSP-Poker Classic Collection absolutely FREE!!!

We are giving away VSP-Poker Classic, the game that started it all. This is a fully-functional version of VSP-Poker Classic, along with an opponent module creator and the VSP-Poker Cheater's Club information. VSP-Poker Classic features stop-motion and static animation and is NOT compatible with VSP-Poker Ultra, so if you wish to play our latest version of the game, you'll need to purchase VSP-Poker Ultra. Otherwise, ante up and enjoy VSP-Poker completely for free!

Note: As this is now a FREE product, we cannot offer any technical support for VSP-Poker Classic. The game should install and work on Windows 98 on up through Windows 10. You will most likely need to turn off UAC (User Account Control) and install the game as an administrator to get the product to work.

Classic Collection

Now FREE!!!
(Over $200 Value)

The VSP-Poker Classic Collection offers VSP-Poker fans the ability to make home-made strip poker Opponent Modules for the the original and revisted VSP-Poker Game Engine. Purchase of the VSP-Poker Classic Collection includes the VSP-Poker Revisited Game Engine, the Opponent Module Creator, the Cheater's Club and the 6 Opponent Modules featured below:

*Note: The VSP-Poker and VSP-Poker Revisited Game Engine are NOT compatible with VSP-Poker III and VSP-Poker Ultra Opponent Modules. This is a completely different product which features still-photo and stop-motion Opponents instead of full-blown video Opponents.

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